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11 vehicles torched overnight in Delhi locality


New Delhi : Some residents of Jagatpuri in east Delhi woke up Tuesday to find to their horror their vehicles, parked outside their homes, burnt down overnight though it was not clear who set these on fire.

The bizarre incident, which shocked the residents, occurred on the intervening night of Monday-Tuesday when a Wagon car, nine Pulsar motorbikes and a scooter – all parked outside the houses in different blocks of the area – were found set on fire.

H.G. Gupta, a local businessman whose car was set on fire, said: “Till 11.00 in the night (Monday), everything was normal and many of us were moving around in the neighbourhood. But when I woke up early for a morning walk, I was shocked to see my car burning.

“I along with some other people managed to douse the flames, but it was of no use as the vehicle has been completely gutted. We called the police and fire officials,” said Gupta, who lives in Block 16.

Soon, similar incidents of arson were also reported from various blocks in the same locality.

Manish Kumar, a government employee who lives in Block 17, said: “I didn’t know that my scooter was torched until one of my neighbours alerted me. I don’t know how it happened. We have been parking our vehicles outside our houses for years and nothing has ever happened.”

“It is the handiwork of some psychopath,” Kumar said.

Some residents said a similar incident had happened nearly one and a half years ago in the same locality when six vehicles were put on fire one night.

Some also blamed the night watchman of the colony for neglecting his duty.

“The night watchman sometimes turn up, but most of time he remains missing,” rued Kumar.

The police said they had registered a case of arson and investigations were underway.

“Nobody has seen the accused setting vehicles on blaze, but we are making serious efforts to nab the culprit,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (East Delhi) Ajay Chaudhry.