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US military launches operation “Phantom Phoenix” against al-Qaeda


Baghdad : The US military in Iraq has announced the beginning of “Operation Phantom Phoenix.”

The operation is a series of joint Iraqi and coalition division, and brigade-level operations to pursue and neutralise remaining al-Qaeda and other extremist elements in Iraq, Lt-Gen Ray Odierno, commander of the Multi-National Corps, Iraq said in a statement Tuesday.

“Working closely with the Iraqi security forces, we will continue to pursue al-Qaeda and other extremists wherever they attempt to take sanctuary,” Odierno said. “Iraqi citizens continue to reject extremist elements. We are determined not to allow these brutal elements to have respite anywhere in Iraq.

“Iraqis are not passively allowing extremists to conduct their criminal activities.

“We are continuing to see citizens joining concerned local citizen groups, provide tips for criminals and weapons and ammunition caches, and cooperate with the government of Iraq. This is another step aimed at providing Iraqis long-term sustainable security,” he said.

However, Odierno did not reveal where the operation would be carried out.