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CPM vows to oppose any Indo-US strategic alliance


New Delhi : Sharpening its attack against the Indo-US nuclear deal, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI-M) charged he United States with trying to make India a ‘junior partner’ through strategic alliances and vowed to oppose any tie-ups with Washington in the nuclear and defence areas.

“Strategic alliance with India and independent foreign policy cannot go hand in hand. We will oppose every joint strategy with the US whether it is civilian nuclear or defence agreements,” CPI-M General Secretary Prakash Karat said at the party’s 19th state-level conference in Madurai Tuesday, Indian national TV news portal reported here.

He said the policy of economic liberalization in the Eight South American countries had failed, prompting them to oppose the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and turn to Left ideologies.

India which had been “traditionally anti-Imperialist country” should not fall a prey to the “pro-American” financing bodies like World Bank.

Washington turned to India after failing to bring West Asia under its control, he said adding any strategic alliance with the USA would facilitate the entry of capitalists and multi-national companies into India.

He alleged that the ruling Left front in Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura was being “targeted’ by a section of the media and some vested interests because the Left parties were opposed to strategic alliance with the US and economic liberalization.