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US lawyer wants Bush revise policy towards Pakistan


Islamabad : Head of the United States National Lawyers Guild delegation, David Gespass urged the U.S. to change its policy towards Pakistan as it is ‘damaging’ the struggle for democracy and independence of judiciary in Pakistan.

Releasing a preliminary report of the delegation at a press conference David Gespass conceded that dual standard of U.S. foreign policy is explicit and has negative affect on Pakistan’s politics on Friday.

“As lawyers and law students, we have an ethical and professional obligation to support the struggle for a just and democratic society based on the rule of law wherever that struggle occurs”, said David Gespass.

To a query, whether the release of the report on ‘Rule of Law’ in Pakistan, was not interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs, David said: “We are not representing the US here, instead we believe in common struggle, awareness and rule of law every where.”

Gespass responding to a question that they were not able to meet with deposed judges as the government did not respond to their request.

He said it is unappropriate for any government to interfere with the internal affairs of any other country.

Devin Theriot, a member of the delegation and representative of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) said the independent judiciary is fundamental to a free society.

Devin Theriot said the delegation suggested that the true battle being waged today is not between democracy and terrorism. Rather, it is the battle between advancing the values of democracy, rule of law and human rights.

The delegation will return to the United States on Saturday where it will complete its final report for presentation to the US Congress and the general public.

The report of the delegation is critical of U.S. foreign policy, concluding that the United States failure to demand the reinstatement of the deposed judges will have a negative impact on the Pakistan, U.S. long term interest in safety and security.

The report said that anything short of restoration of the 2 November judiciary will have long term negative impacts on judicial independence and democracy in Pakistan.

The report said that free and independent media is necessary to act as a check on military rule and on corruption in civilian administration.