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Israeli incursion into Al-Zaitoun district, Gaza


Gaza : Israeli troops executed an incursion east of Gaza City early Tuesday morning under heavy artillery fire targeting the Palestinian people and their homes.

Witnesses told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that several Israeli tanks and bulldozers entered Al-Zaitoun district, south of Gaza, from the Israeli posts close to the Gaza Strip’s eastern borders.

They added that Israeli fire and artillery shelling wounded four Palestinians at least and that occupation troops fired toward the ambulances, denying them access to transport the wounded to hospital.

According to the witnesses, Israeli commandos were taking part in the incursion. They broke into houses and searched many of them.

Meanwhile, several Israeli military vehicles and bulldozers were involved in a similar incursion in the industrial zone in Ayres, close to Beit Hanoun, north of the Gaza Strip, firing at people from time to time.

Witnesses said that the Israeli troops were pulling down the rest of the houses and factories that once exited in the area and whose Palestinian owners had deserted to escape the continuous Iaraeli shelling of the area.