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Bangladesh culls 21,000 fowls, fearing bird flu

By Xinhua

Dhaka : Over 21,000 fowls were culled in Bangladesh’s Barguna district Wednesday after detection of avian influenza virus.

The fowls were killed after 404 chickens of a poultry farm in Dhalua village in Sadar sub-district of Barguna died in the last two days.

A team of the district administration and local livestock department culled 20,157 chickens, 590 ducks, 515 pigeons and a parrot.

The team also held an awareness meeting in the village on the dangers of bird flu.

More than 10,000 chickens were culled Monday and Tuesday in the country’s southern city of Barisal following detection of avian influenza in two indigenous varieties of hens.

The avian influenza virus was first detected in a poultry farm in Savar, about 30 km northwest of Dhaka early in 2006.