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Holy Quran among top religious books in US

Washington – (IINA) January 17, 2008 – The Holy Quran is among top religious books that the Americans thirst to read and comprehend, head of the Washington-based Islamic Teachings Center said. Hojatul Islam Ahmad Bahraini told IQNA that American Muslims and non-Muslims make efforts to promote mutual understanding of Islam. Pointing to the pivotal role of the Holy Quran in consolidating solidarity among Muslim communities, he noted that the holy book enlightens the communities through do and undo commands.

He also referred to the fact that Islam has gained distinguished status in today’s world, and its foes have attempted to hatch plots against it. “Despite huge anti-Islam propaganda campaign waged by western media, we are witnessing increasing growth of Islam in the US.” Hojatul Islam Bahraini further argued that based on his familiarity to the US society, the expansion of Islam in western countries comes from the movement of the late Imam Khomeini.

Head of Washington Islamic Teachings Center noted that Islam is a living religion, which opposes any kind of aggression and injustice; hence, global arrogance and hegemonic powers are against it and its teachings. “Islam is the only international religion which challenges dominant thoughts in the West and is appealing to people, who thirst for spirituality and justice,” he noted.

16 Jan 2008