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Pakistan govt to purchase equipment to detect suiciders: Interior Minister


Islamabad : Interior Minister Lt. Gen Hamid Nawaz Khan Tuesday said the government would purchase technical equippment to detect suiciders.

“The government will purchase technical equippment like scanners to detect suiciders with explosive material. We are negotiating with Chinese and some other international firms for purchase of such equippments.”

In an exclusive interview to this agency, he said the equippment would be installed at entry and exist points in all major cities.

To a question he said the law enforcement agencies have arrested eight terrorists with 67kg explosive materials including three shells weighting 10 kg each from Mianwali and Sargodha.

He further said that perpetrators of suicide attacks near Hamza Camp in Rawalpindi, Kamra Cantt, Karachi and Sargodha have also been arrested and they would soon be produced before the court.

“Their names cannot be disclosed as the law enforcement agencies are investigating from them.”

Hamid said “the suicide attacks can be prevented if we jointly launch a campaign against them because they are the enemy of the whole country and the nation.”

He called upon the people to constitute Mohala and market committees to remain vigilant and keep an eye on suspicious elements, adding heavy deployment of security forces is not the only solution to prevent such attacks.

He said terrorist and suicide attacks are linked with Wazirisatan and FATA situation, “although the government has broken the back of Al-Qaeda which is now on the run and cannot face the Army in a open battlefield.”

To a question about unrest in FATA he said Taliban elements are there and creating law and order situation there.

He expressed hope that it would take some time but the government would definitely establish its writ there at any cost.

Hamid said election would be held as per schedule, and the government is committed to holding free, fair and transparent election.

“The election would be held as per schedule, it must be held now to counter the speculations.”

The Minister said in Swat situation is improving and people would participate in the election, however election may be postponed in some constituencies of FATA due to the prevailing situation.

About provision of security to politicians, Hamid said the government would provide and has provided special security to politicians who have been receiving live threats.

He said Interior Ministry has asked Nawaz Sharif, Fazal-ur-Rehman and other politicians to name security personnel to be deployed with them for their security.

He said Interior Ministry has also prepared a security advisory plan for politicians which would soon be made public. The plan is aimed at preventing live threat to politicians.

About Scotland Yard team he said the investigation team has gathered all relevant information including video footage and other evidences for further study at home and reach at some conclusion about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

He said other members of the team including medical experts and pathologists have yet to come here to determine the cause of Bhutto’s death, adding the final report of the team would be submitted to Pakistani investigation team which would make it public.