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Jalili asks parties dealing with Iran’s N-case to rectify mistakes


Beijing : Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili here on Friday called on some parties involved in Iran’s nuclear case to abandon their past mistakes and allegations and take positive steps for resumption of talks.

Addressing a press conference, Jalili said, “Today, verification of Iran’s nuclear case has turned into a process to verify sincerity of some countries.”
He said recent developments in Iran’s nuclear issue showed that many claims of some countries against Iran are false and baseless.

He added that the IAEA Chief Mohammed ElBaradei’s report to the Board of Governors in November showed that what served as a basis for referral of Iran’s case to the UN Security Council had been wrong and untrue.

“Even global community witnessed that the US security organs roved peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program. A positive atmosphere has now been created and the countries involved in Iran’s nuclear case are advised to stop their mistakes and allegations and take positive steps towards settlement of the case instead.”

He said that by taking positive steps, the parties concerned can start new round of talks with a positive approach.

Asked on outcome of his talks with the Chinese officials, Jalili said, “Iran and China are two important and influential countries on the international level and have very good capacity for expansion of their relations. Presently, the two countries experience broad level of cooperation. (My) Meetings and talks with senior Chinese officials have been good and constructive. In the meetings latest regional and international developments, including Iran’s nuclear problem, were discussed.”

Asked whether Iran is not concerned over issuance of economic sanctions against it, Jalili said the sanctions would be mostly gainst interests of American companies.

“Even the US public opinion is concerned over the sanctions and all have understood well that with the sanctions, interests of the US companies would be in fact at stake. Today, some issues are raised during elections campaign in the US in reaction to wrong policies of George Bush’s government.”