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PSOE Gains Ground for March Polls

By Prensa Latina

Madrid : The Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) gained ground in the last week and increased almost eight points against its main adversary for the March 9 general elections.

A survey published by “El Pais” newspaper Sunday presents the PSOE first with 34.6 percent of vote intention, against the Popular Party (PP) with 26.8 percent, although there is a 16.6 percent of those surveyed still undecided.

Another investigation published by SER information chain on Tuesday granted the PSOE only three points faced with the PP (43 to 40 percent).

A study from the Sociological Investigation Center two months ago placed that margin in 2.3 points (39.7 to 37.4 percent) in favor of the current party of the President of the Government and socialist candidate Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

The fall of the PP takes place after a week of serious internal conflicts within that organization.

The crisis erupted due to a decision by Mariano Rajoy, president and candidate of that party, of eliminating Madrid mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, as a second member of the list of candidates for the capital, to place businessman Manuel Pizarro.

Today”s survey presents United Left Party as a third force in view of polls with 4.7 percent of vote intention.

In the March 2004 elections, the PSOE removed the PP from the government with 42.64 percent of votes against 37.64 percent. The first ones got 164 seats and second ones 148.