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Haryana is leading India’s developing economy: Dr A.R. Kidwai

By TwoCircles.net news desk

Dr. Dr. Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai is a renowned personality both in academic and political world. A Ph.D. from Cornell University, U.S., Dr. Kidwai has served as governor in different states including Bihar and West Bengal and also as Union Railway Depury Minister from 1974-1976. Presently he is the governor of the state of Haryana. In an exclusive interview with Dr. Zafar Iqbal and Nuzaira Azam, he talks about Haryana; its role in India’s economic leadership, its position in India-Pakistan relations. Excerpts.

Where does Haryana stand in the fast developing India?

The state is spearheading the economic development in the country. It is playing a leadership role in the country’s developing economy.

In agriculture?

Both in agriculture and industry. The state covers 55% requirements of the country’s automobile industry. With globalization in full swing, it has become a global destination. Gurgaon is now an international center for IT, banking and business outsourcing. Besides, footwear, textile and electronic goods industries are also flourishing in the state. As for agriculture, about 80% of basmati rice export is made from the state. It is NO. 2 in food production.

Has the state inked some agreement with Maryland University, U.S.?

Yes. Haryana, along with Mewat, has signed an agreement with Maryland University. Moreover, we are in talks with Montgomery College, Maryland for setting up a college here on the pattern of that college.

What is the women literacy rate in the state?

Not much encouraging in the recent past. Of late, however, they have done well. Nationwide, girls are outracing their male counterpart in the field of education. What is noteworthy is that the departments which are under the woman leadership are performing well. They have long demanded 30% reservation of seats in the state as well as national legislative bodies. It is likely that the Parliament will pass the long-pending reservation bill this year.

How do you think young India is looking at the India-Pakistan relations?

The new generation is taking the issue with fresh mind. They are more optimistic about the resolution of the disputes between the two neighbours. They think that the common cultural heritage of the two countries is the most importan integrating factor. On this front too, the states of Haryana and Punjab have been playing a significant role. In building friendship between the two countries, the states have pulled out all stops. Public-to-public contacts have helped the two neighbors overcome hatred.

People on both sides of the divide are all out for friendship. Then, what is the hurdle?

Governments will have to be more sincere and responsible. There is a need for meaningful efforts to establish lasting peace in the region. Business interactions should be intensified and broadened. In the age of globalization, a country cannot afford to be isolated. Friendly relations will benefit both. Politics generally divides, culture and trade unite, more often than not.