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China detains 56 economic crime suspects

By Xinhua

Beijing : China has detained 56 major economic crime suspects who had fled the country in 2007, the ministry of public security said Wednesday.

The “splendid results” were achieved by intensified efforts last year to apprehend fugitives who had allegedly fled abroad, ministry spokesperson Wu He said.

The Chinese government had stepped up law enforcement cooperation with countries, including the Netherlands, the US and Canada through work-related contacts and data exchange, as well as actual apprehensions.

Chinese police had also strengthened negotiations over individual cases with countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines, Wu said, and added that the efforts have been quite successful.

The ministry said last year that police had traced more than 300 wanted officials who allegedly fled abroad with illegal gains since 1998, and 37 were arrested and brought back to China in 2006 alone.