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Chinese bank to issue commemorative notes for Olympics


Beijing : The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the country’s central bank, will issue a commemorative bank note with a face value of 10 Yuan ($1.46) to mark the Beijing Olympic Games.

The PBOC said in a statement it would issue a total of 6 million such notes, which would be circulated in the currency market with the same denomination as the ordinary 10-yuan notes.

The new note would be issued from Tuesday, in cyan or greenish-blue colour, and is 148.5 millimeters long and 72 millimeters wide, according to the central bank. The ordinary 10-yuan notes are in cobalt black and are 140 millimeters long and 70 millimeters wide.

According to China Daily, the note will have a picture of national stadium and the emblem of the Beijing Games, “Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing” set against the backdrop of the Temple of Heaven, one of the country’s best-known landmarks.

The central bank also said it incorporated watermarks and other technologies to prevent counterfeiting of the notes.