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Israel concerned over US plans to meet Iranian officials


Gaza : Israel has expressed its concern over US plans to send a senior envoy to meet with representatives of the Iranian government on their country’s nuclear programme.

The Haaretz Israeli newspaper said Israel told the United States, “there is a bad feeling in Israel and dissatisfaction with the US move,” and that, “there can be no concession on the demand to end uranium enrichment as a precondition to negotiating with Iran.”

According to the newspaper, United Nations Security Council members, Germany, and the European Union held regular meetings with Iranian officials on the Iranian nuclear programme, announcing that US officials will participate in the next meetings.

The US informed Israel that US Undersecretary of State William Burns will attend the meetings, stressing that this was not a change in US policy towards Iran, it added.

The paper said the US claimed that it will send an envoy to the talks because it “doesn’t trust” the reports from EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana on the negotiations with Iran.

It quoted a source as saying that Israel emphasized to the US that “there is great importance in maintaining the international demand to suspend uranium enrichment, as mandated by the UN resolution, as a precondition to entering negotiations with Iran.”

The source said US officials responded that “the condition remains.”