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Pakistani govt ready to fight dengue threat: minister


Islamabad : The Federal Minister for Health Ms Sherry Rehman has taken a strong note of the reports of the presence of a confirmed case of dengue fever in Islamabad.

Expressing concern at the prospects of the outbreak of the disease in the Capital, the Federal Health Minister ordered immediate measures to combat the disease.

“The government is determined to prevent the spread of disease this year. Unlike the past, we will not let it become a serious threat to the public health this time.”

Ms. Rehman said that controlling the outbreak of the disease is a challenging task since the global prevalence of dengue has grown dramatically in recent decades.

“The disease is now endermic in more than 100 countries of the world. The control of dengue depends on preventive measures more than curative measures. We are preparing strategy for both the curative and preventive sides to control the disease.

The Ministry of Health is launching a media campaign to inform the public of the ways to prevent the epidemic.

Ms Rehman informed that the Directorate of Malaria has already launched a host of preventive measures to combat the disease.

“Apart from the supply of important resources to the infected persons to curb the chances of the further spread of the disease, the government is launching a residual spraying and fogging operation in the Capital today.

A print media campaign aimed at raising awareness of the masses about the prevention measures including the reduction of breeding places in the residential areas, is also being launched.”

The Federal Minister also called for community efforts to control the spread of the virus that is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes Aegypti.

“Since the mosquito can survive and breed in domestic settings, each individual will have to play his/her role in preventing the outbreak of the disease.

The vector mosquito can best be controlled through environmental management and chemical methods. Proper solid waste disposal and improved water storage practices, including covering containers to prevent access of mosquitoes, are very important.

The government is ready to assist communities in implementing vector control measures. Only a joint effort by the government and the communities can ensure that the dengue does not turn into an epidemic claiming dozens of lives, as it has in the past.”