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Two PETA activists protest but express ignorance about cause


Chandigarh : Two activists of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) held a protest outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant here but expressed ignorance about the cause and said they “do not know much about the campaign”.

The 15-minute protest was carried out by two Chandigarh-based girls, who were clad in heart shaped banners that read “KFC breaks chicks’ hearts”.

The girls, who appeared nervous, said they were the cousins of one of the coordinator and do not know much about the campaign.

They slipped away from the venue when reporters tried to ask some questions, leaving their banners behind in the parking area in front of the KFC restaurant.

“We have enough proof in the form of video footage against KFC, showing their workers kicking, throwing and giving terrifying deaths to chickens. They inject steroids in chicken’s body to grow it large that cripples the chicken due to its heavy weight,” Tajinder Singh, campaign coordinator of PETA, told IANS.

“We have demonstrated all over the country protesting against the KFC’s chain and are also preaching the message among the masses to go vegetarian,” he said.

However, he kept quite when asked about the whereabouts of the girls whom he earlier introduced as PETA activists from the region.