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U.S. completes pullback of Iraq “surge” troops

By Xinhua,

Washinton : One and a half years after the Bush administration sent 5 additional brigades to Iraq, the last of those brigades has left Iraq, ABC News reported Wednesday.

Most of the soldiers from the last brigades, the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, returned to their home base at Fort Stewart, Ga., and a few was in Kuwait, according to the report.

In January 2007, U.S. President George W. Bush announced a so-called “surge” plan to send five additional combat brigades to Iraq to quell violence.

Under pressure, he announced in April this year to pull back the five brigades, saying situation in Iraq has improved due to the “surge”.

The U.S. military now says violence continues in Iraq but it’s at the lowest level since 2004.

Serious questions remain about whether the recent improvement in Iraq’s security is sustainable, but many analysts said the trend of cutting U.S. troops is irreversible, and further withdrawal later this year is very likely.