Home Sports Roast ducks to undergo dope tests during Olympics

Roast ducks to undergo dope tests during Olympics

By Xinhua,

Beijing : Roast ducks for Olympic athletes will undergo anti-doping test before being cooked and are “100 percent” safe, Quanjude, a leading restaurant famed for Peking Roast Duck said.

A manager of the century-old chain restaurant said the famed dish will go through three rounds of examinations, including the anti-doping test, before being served on dining tables in the Olympic Village.

The ducks are provided by a special breeding centre designated by the Beijing Organising Committee (BOCOG), said the manager.

The cooked dish should meet the set targets concerning protein, fat and mineral content, and will be tested for micro-organisms such as colon bacillus.

The roast ducks will finally be open to spot tests and examinations carried out by BOCOG, according to the manager.

Quanjude roast ducks are cooked over fire from fruit-wood. Its five overseas restaurants are in Japan, Australia and Hong Kong.