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BUAA Gymnasium opened for weightlifting training

By Xinhua,

Beijing : The Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA) Gymnasium, which will host the weightlifting events during Beijing Olympics was Sunday opened for training sessions.

Li Yong, deputy chief of media of the BUAA, said the venue operation team was going through last details, including solving problems found during the “Good Luck Beijing” test events. For example, part of the roof that may leak has been repaired.

Desks for reporters and positions for photographers have been assigned and marked. “We will check all the equipment today, including ADSL, wireless network, and telephone lines. You can come to work here tomorrow,” Li said.

Li Dehang, head of the radio frequency management, is conducting the last exercise of removing radio interference sources with volunteers.

“My team can remove the interference source within the shortest time in Games time to ensure normal operation of all the electric facilities at the venue,” he said.

The Olympic weightlifting competitions will be held Aug 9-19. Strongmen and women will compete for a total of 15 gold medals. China’s first gold at Beijing Olympics will probably come from the weightlifting event.