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Hezbollah lashes out at U.S. ambassador to Lebanon

By Xinhua,

Beirut : Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah Member of Parliament (MP) Ali Ammar lashed out at U.S ambassador to Lebanon Michele Sison, calling her “Israel’s ambassador,” local Daily Star reported Tuesday.

“All ambassadors sent by the U.S. administration to Beirut are Israeli puppets,” Ammar said on behalf of his party.

Hezbollah MP’s comment came in respond to remarks by Sison in front of U.S. congress foreign affairs committee saying that she is concerned about the (Hezbollah) party’s surveillance of Beirut international airport, and the party’s private telecommunication network.

Sison criticized Hezbollah power in the Lebanese cabinet saying that they have a blocking minority inside the cabinet “which is not a good thing.”

However, the Doha accord reached on May 21 between Lebanese rival leaders, secured a veto power to the opposition in the new national unity government.

Hezbollah is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States following several operations carried out by the party against American interests.

In return, Hezbollah considers the U.S. as “biggest devil” for supporting Israel.