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Simran Kurkure’s brand ambassador in south India


Chennai : Perhaps it is the proverbial seven-year itch for Pepsico India Holdings Pvt Ltd to change Kurkure’s positioning in the southern markets. The company announced Wednesday that popular Tamil actress Simran would be the brand ambassador of its seven-year-old salty snack food brand Kurkure in the southern region.

“She will be the regional brand ambassador for Kurkure that is being repositioned in the southern region. The product will have a separate commercial for the southern market,” Pepsico India marketing director Deepika Warrier told reporters here.

Another interesting thing is that Simran for the first time in her career has dubbed in her own voice for the Kurkure commercial.

Warrier, without substantiating with numbers, claimed Kurkure has doubled its sales in the southern region.

About the new positioning, she said it was based on the truth that young confident Indian consumers were no longer striving to be perfect in everything, but were comfortable about their imperfections.

“In our consumer survey, we were asked to reflect this in our commercial,” he said.

She said a tomato flavoured Kurkure will soon be launched with Simran as the brand ambassador.

Asked about the company’s plans to export the product, she said: “We are looking at launching the brand in the US and the UK. The product will be made locally targeting the non-resident indian population.”

Pepsico may tone down the Kurkure’s spicy flavour in the UK market, Warrier added.