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I want to clean up politics, not grab power: Ramdev

By Madhusree Chatterjee, IANS,

Harbour City (Hong Kong) : Seer Ramdev, an authority on ancient Indian yoga and traditional medicine, says he “wants to clean up the lives of politicians in the country through yoga and purge the political system of deadwood” through his preaching but will stay away from active politics.

“I have political ambition, but not for power. I want to change those who are in power. I hate the political system of the country. It paints such a negative image of the country abroad. The reins of the country should be in the hands of those who are transparent, humble, honest, farsighted and enterprising,” Ramdev had told IANS in an interview June 1.

Officials of the Patanjali Yog Peeth and the Divya Yog Mandir, two trusts co-founded by Ramdev, which are organising a five-day “Yoga on Sea” cruise aboard the Superstar Virgo on the South and East China seas in collaboration with the Kolkata-based Vishwa Jagriti Mission Trust, said the seer was flooded with telephone calls and enquiries from India about his “political ambition” since the publication of the interview.

“The interview has created a tremendous impact in the country and people are thinking that Guruji will soon join politics,” a spokesperson for the trusts said.

“Politics has become a business. I want to see a Ram Raja, someone who is restrained and has a world view,” Ramdev said.

Unveiling his three-pronged vision for a new Indian superpower, the seer said: “India could become a superpower through population control, 100 percent compulsory voting, swadeshi (indigenous) education and traditional health care.

“The country should stop spending Rs.15 trillion on allopathic medicines and switch to ayurveda and yoga to ensure a clean environment. The government must reward couples who have one or two children and export the surplus population.”

His disciples, mostly big names from the country’s business and traders’ fraternity, share his views.

Industrialist Subhas Murarka, a member of the core group of the organising committee overseeing the ‘Yoga on Sea’ cruise, said yoga was the solution to all problems.

“India needs the guidance of guru Ramdev to transform everything – be it the system, society and the minds,” he said.

According to the leading Kolkata-based exporter, yoga cleans up minds and “only clean minds can think clean”.

“As more and more children are getting attracted to Ramdev’s yoga, we hope that it nurtures a clean and healthy leadership for tomorrow,” Murarka said.

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