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A seminar on Islamic solution to environmental crisis

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter,

Baghpat: In a good move to touch burning human issues of the time, a seminar was organized here by Idarah Dawatul Quran Mission on the topic of ‘Solution to Environmental Crisis: In The Light of Islamic Teachings’ on 5th June.

Speaking as chief guest, Dr. Merajuddin Ahmad, chief of National Minority Front, said Islam has connected protection of environment with human activities and Prophet Muhammad has finalized its complete strategy for the whole world till it lasts. Under this scheme, keeping the pathways neat and clean, removing injurious things from roads and planting green trees have been declared as the greatest charity, he said.

Along with inviting people for good deeds, a campaign against evils is also compulsory as per Shariah, he said. Today various types of man-made pollutants have put human existence in danger. Taking it as an important issue, we should awaken public it and launch a regular campaign. He said Islamic teachings very clearly guide us for this. Dr. Merajuddin said in the light of Quran, environmental protection is the duty of Ummah, suggesting that the Ummah should be informed about the problems of environmental pollution.

Maulana Waseemul Hasan Kandhlavi, who presided over the programme, said cleanliness of environment is one of the fundamental objectives of Islam and it has been described as half portion of Iman.