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South African cricket chief loses veto right in team selection

By Fakir Hassen, IANS,

Johannesburg : The President of Cricket South Africa (CSA) has lost the right to veto in the selection of the national squad.

This was one of the dozen recommendations which were unanimously accepted by the General Council of CSA here Wednesday.

The CSA Council also accepted a recommendation by the oversight committee that selection of the national team should be left to the selectors. The convenor of selectors and the coach will also have the last say over the selected team.

CSA president Norman Arendse and the chief executive Gerald Majola, had earlier this year been involved in a major public spat over the selection of the side for its Bangladesh tour.

The national selection committee had twice submitted a list for approval to Arendse, who turned both down because they did not comply with race quotas instituted to drive a transformation agenda to bring more previously disadvantaged black players into the team.

Majola eventually approved the team just two days before its departure to Bangladesh, prompting clashes on the matter.

The new decisions accepted by CSA will ensure that this type of disagreement does not occur again.

However, the convenor of selectors will still have to report periodically to the chief executive on quota targets.

One of the twelve recommendations accepted was also that the selection committee must include black members in future.

Race quotas have been a major issue in South African cricket for more than a decade now as authorities attempt to address imbalances from the apartheid era, when the team consisted of white players only.