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Israeli troops kill militant in West Bank

By RIA Novosti

Gaza : Israeli forces killed an Islamic Jihad militant in the West Bank on Wednesday, local radio station Al Quds reported.

The militant was killed in a shootout near the town of Tulkarm, after he resisted arrest.

The Israeli military arrested 15 Palestinians, mostly members of the radical movement, during their raids on the West Bank. A radio station controlled by the Islamists was closed down in Jenin.

Egypt has been trying to persuade Israel and the Islamist groups in the Palestinian territories to reach a truce. Islamic Jihad and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, continue to target Israel with rocket attacks from the enclave.

Although Israel and the radical movements have officially denied a ceasefire agreement has been reached, there has been a sharp decline in rocket attacks since Israel ended a devastating offensive in Gaza nine days ago, which saw 120 Palestinians killed, many of them women and children.