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Hezbollah proud, being included on U.S. terrorist List

By Xinhua,

Beirut : Lebanese Hezbollah group declared being proud to be on U.S. terrorist list, and said it is a “badge of honor,” local newspaper The Daily star reported Saturday.

Hezbollah’s statement responded to U.S. state department accusing Iran of providing aid to “terrorist groups” including Hezbollah.

Hezbollah accused the U.S. of “triggering its allies in Lebanon against fellow citizens who support the resistance and the opposition.”

The U.S. makes the people of the world and its people “pay the price of its wars and bloody politics,” the statement added.

The state department report 2007 said that Hezbollah continues to be a “threat to Israel.”

The U.S. statement went on to say that the Lebanese government continues to recognize Hezbollah as a legitimate resistance group and political party.

Hezbollah is a major Shiaa group in Lebanon who are armed to “resist Israel” and liberate the rest of the territories still occupied by Israel as they claimed.

The group was engaged in 34 days of war with Israel in 2006, after they kidnapped two Israeli soldiers from the boarder line.