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Mosul operation will be swift, says Iraqi Minister of Interior


Baghdad : Iraqi Minister of Interior Jawwad Al-Bolani said Friday evening the planned military operation targeting Al-Qaeda organization in the northern city of Mosul would be very swift.

“President Jalal Talabani asserted that the country was passing through a critical period in its efforts to assert its stature,” Al-Bolani told reporters following his meeting with Talabani.
The meeting was also attended by leaders of the security agencies.

“The country is in labor to restore security and stability,” the minister quoted the president as saying, voicing hope that the Iraqi security authorities would be able restore the rule of law and order nationwide.

“The Mosul operation targets terrorists and violators of law only,” he asserted.

He hailed as “great success” the recent “knights’ charge” operation in the southern city of Al-Basra.

“The operation is still going on in Al-Sadr city,” Al-Bolani.

“The senior officers of the Interior Ministry briefed the president on the developments of the ministry’s law-enforcement strategy (against lawless areas).

“The meeting focused on the necessary funds to meet the basic needs of the security agencies as per equipment in order to enable them to discharge their duties in the best way nationwide,” he disclosed.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by the presidential council following the meeting quoted Talabani as saying that Iraq was in labor regarding its reconstruction and stabilization efforts.

“The president praised the efforts of the security men who offered a lot of sacrifices during Al-Basra operation. “If it is stabilized, Iraq will be a role model for other countries in the region in terms of democracy and freedom,” the statement added.