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NYT: Next US President Can’t be Erratic

By Prensa Latina,

Washington : The next president of the US will have to work with Congress to destroy the capriciousness of current President George W. Bush, who hid information from the Legislature, The New York Times daily said on Friday.

Both the president and Congress “will have to work really hard to publish all that ways in which Mr. Bush violated the law, and put things in place again,” the newspaper editorialized.

According to the NYT, the president refused for over a year to answer to the congressional democratic majority, which was demanding that he present government documents that gave permission to humiliate and torture prisoners.

The daily said the Justice Department’s recent decision to present some documents to the Senate and House intelligence committees related to mistreatment is still insufficient.

“Definitely, Mr. Bush is protected by a fictitious “secret”

regulation to keep those documents about torture away from those who most need to know them: the people,” the newspaper said.

The Times recalled that in 2006 after Congress established some restrictions on the methods used by the Army in questionings, the president released the Central Intelligence Agency from complying with those regulations.

“He determined confidential regulations believed to allow severe and abusive methods that would be defined as torture by anyone, except by this administration,” the daily said.