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Additional Rs.500 fine on traffic violators waived


New Delhi : The Supreme Court has suspended a Delhi High Court order imposing an additional levy of Rs.500 on traffic violators over and above the normal fine for a traffic offence.

A bench of Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan suspended the high court’s March 2006 order Friday on a petition by liquor transporters Brindco Sales. Copies of the apex court order were made available to media Tuesday.

The transporters had contended in its petition that the high court, while imposing an additional levy of Rs 500 over and above the fine for violation of a traffic rule mandated by the relevant Motor Vehicles Act, has exceeded its legal jurisdiction.

The petitioner had contended that the constitution mandates judiciary only to interpret laws enacted by legislature and not to enact them.

The transporter had pointed out that adding an additional levy on the fine for violators of traffic rules is not akin to interpretation of a law but akin to making a new law altogether.

The bench, while suspending the Delhi High Court’s ruling for the time being, adjourned the hearing on the transporters petition after the summer vacation. The bench also tagged the petition with a bunch of similar petition, filed earlier.