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Obama wins North Carolina Democratic presidential primary


Washington : Barack Obama won North Carolina’s Democratic presidential primary Tuesday, while rival Hillary Clinton was leading the official count in Indiana.

All major television networks projected Obama’s North Carolina victory as soon as polls closed at 7:30 p.m. (2330 GMT), based on exit polls.

In Indiana, Clinton was leading by 57 percent to 43 percent over Obama with 30 percent of precincts reporting.

A split decision by voters was expected in the two largest states left after four months of voting in the nomination contest. Both sides had played down expectations of landing a knock-out blow.

Obama had been predicted to win North Carolina, a southern state with a large African-American population. Clinton was leading in the Midwestern state of Indiana, which has a large population of working- class white voters who more often favour the former first lady.

The high cost of petrol in the United States had dominated much of the discussion as Obama and Clinton crisscrossed the states in the final days.

Clinton has lobbied for a federal petrol tax holiday over the three summer months, a move Obama has called a political “gimmick” that would save voters little money.

In the quest for the 2,025 delegates needed to capture the Democratic nomination, Obama currently leads by 1,743 to 1,606 for Clinton, according to a count by website realclearpolitics.com. North Carolina has 115 and Indiana 72 delegates up for grabs.

With just 200 delegates left in the six electoral contests remaining after Tuesday, both campaigns have turned to persuading nearly 300 undecided super-delegates – Democratic elected officials and party leaders – who could still potentially swing the nomination in either candidate’s favour.