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Russia President Wants Putin for PM

By Prensa Latina,

Moscow : Dmitri Medvedev debuted as Russian new president, proposing to the state Duma on Wednesday Vladimir Putin’s candidacy to the prime minister post.

Medvedev made full use of the powers invested in him by the constitutional article 11, when he presented the mentioned request to House Chair Boris Grizlov, the Kremlin’s media service said.

The request precisely coincides with the Duma’s Council, which was called on Wednesday to hold an extraordinary session on May 8.

As it is known, the government United Russian party, with parliamentary majority (35 seats) has the intention to put Putin’s appointment as head of government to the vote.

The country’s first political force invested additional powers in the outgoing president, with the post of the first figure at the Executive’s headquarters and the presidency of the group, to win greater control of the Legislature.

Grivlov asserted at that moment that he expects attendance of 100 percent of the parliamentary members, although the vote will not be unanimous, due to the vote against of the Russian Federation’s Communist party group.