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Arab League to Mediterranean Meeting

By Prensa Latina,

Cairo : The Arab League confirmed its participation in the next meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean, despite Israeli objections, while Tunisia gave up its competition for a post in the leadership of the Arab League.

An AL official informed that AL secretary general Amr Moussa will travel to Marseille, France to speak on behalf of the Arab block in the meeting scheduled for November 3 and 4.

The meeting wants to adopt decisions on the host of the Union for the Mediterranean, its structure and powers of the Secretary General’s Office, so as to choose the Secretary General himself.

Previous to Moussa´s trip to France, the AL, which “has status as an observer” will have a meeting with its nine member countries, to coordinate a common position.

Israel rejected the participation of the group formed by 22 countries in the Union for the Mediterranean, with the argument that the Union for the Mediterranean is opposed to the presence of Israel, which has been an enemy for most of its neighboring nations.

Meanwhile, Tunisian newspaper La Presse de Tunez commented that the election of the host for the Union of the Mediterranean (born in Paris on July 13 this year) will be in the agenda of the ministerial conference in Marseille, but Tunisia does not aspire to a leading post.

Tunisia, the only city in the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea still a contender for a leading post after the withdrawal of Rabat, capital of Morocco, was among the favourites, and for France, it had all the attributes to win, said La Presse de Tunez.

Now, the candidature of the Spanish city of Barcelona to host the organization is now more than ever in an advantageous position.