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Lebanese army unveils spy cell for Israeli Mossad

By Xinhua,

Beirut : The Lebanese army has discovered a spy cell working for Israeli secret service “Mossad” since 1980, As-Safier daily reported Saturday.

Two of the detainees admitted they were in collaboration with the “Mossad,” the report said, adding that Lebanon’s intelligence arrested the cell leader in a town in the Western Bekaa valley, after watching his moves between Lebanon and Syria.

Eyewitnesses in the town said that the security forces confiscated a four-wheel drive which installs a camera capable of taking clear pictures of faces and license plates.

Investigations revealed that the cell was monitoring sensitive security areas in Damascus, including Kfar Sous where senior Hezbollah officer Imad Mughniyeh was assassinated in a car bomb in February, the report said.

The investigations are aimed to find a link between the spying network and the assassination of Mughniyeh and others in Lebanon and Syria, said the report.

The daily also disclosed that the network was entrusted in the past decades with monitoring several security spots including Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian positions in the Bekaa.

In 2004, a Palestinian woman and four others were indicted on charges of working with Israel to assassinate Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah.