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Israel intensifying attacks on Jerusalem-Islamic-Christian Front


Jerusalem : The Islamic-Christian Front for Defending Jerusalem and its Holy Sites affirmed here that the Israeli Occupation Authorities have begun a dangerous series of aggressions against the holy city of Jerusalem.

According to the movement Sunday, the IOF have expanded their aggressions against the historic and sacred places in the city as the celebrations of Jerusalem as the Capital of Arab Culture 2009 approach.

Dr Hassan Khater, secretary-general of the Islamic-Christian Front said: “Israel’s move in demolishing and burying Islamic cemeteries in Jerusalem is an aggressive attempt to disort the truth and to erase the Arab identity of the city.”

He said that the announcement of the Israeli Occupation Authorities on the discovery of Jewish remains is not coincidental with the commencement of the celebrations.

He pointed out that the aggression against the Church of the Holy Sepulture as well as the attacks against worshippers and religious figures committed by extremist Jews are in line with the policy aimed at violating the landmarks of the holy city.