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Obama victory badge of honour for US democracy: Israel


Jerusalem : Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni congratulated US president-elect Barack Obama Wednesday on his victory in the US presidential election, saying it was a “badge of honour for American democracy.”

“Israel looks forward to a continuation of the close strategic cooperation with the new administration, with the new president and with the US Congress, and to the continuation of the strengthening of the special and unshakable relations between the two countries,” she said in a statement.

“During the last visit of the president-elect to Israel we, the citizens of Israel, received an impression of the man and of his commitment to the well-being and security of Israel,” she added.

Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu also congratulated Obama, saying, that “you and the American people have brought about an historic change and reminded the world what the United States symbolizes: hope and promise of a better future.”

Livni and Netanyahu are the two main contenders in Israel’s upcoming elections, scheduled for Feb 10.