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Well-educated people in better control of life, career


Toronto : A Toronto University study shows that well-educated people have a greater sense of control over their lives and careers.

The study, which is based on data derived from a sample of 1,800 working adults in the US, came to the conclusion that there are a number of definite reasons why well-educated people feel more personal control over outcomes and events in their lives.

Spelling out these reasons, the study says one of the factors that accounts for their sense of personal control is that the nature of their work is different.

Well-educated people tend to have higher status occupations with significantly more control over their work schedules, a university statement said, quoting the study.

They are also involved in work that is challenging, interesting and enriching, and their wages are higher, the statement added.

Education also enables them to trust people and traditions, thus making them more effective in using relationships to help them succeed, according to the study.

“We already know that people who feel personal control over situations in their lives are happier and healthier, so it’s clear that this sense of control is extremely valuable,” the university statement quoted sociology professor and study leader Scott Schieman as saying.

“This study helps us to understand how and why education contributes to building the critical resource that determines psychological and physical well-being,” the professor said.