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Very well planned and executed operation: Maharashtra police chief


Mumbai : The terror assault on Mumbai was a “very well planned and very well executed” operation done with great precision and training but police do not know where they came from or which group they belonged to, Maharashtra Director General of Police A.N. Roy said Thursday.

Talking to journalists 16 hours after the unprecedented terror attack that left at least 101 dead and 250 injured, Roy said: “All I can say its seems to be very well planned, very well executed with great precision and training kind of operation. I won’t like to put any name unless we have some material evidence.”

Roy said there were 12 incidents of shootouts at 10 places in the city and all happened in quick succession.

He also said there were no hostages in the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel and there were no negotiations on with militants at any place.

“The situation at the Taj hotel is under control. There is no hostage-like situation there. We won’t negotiate them either and would kill them. Our focus is to kill them or nab them,” Roy told reporters.

“Right now terrorists are holed up in three places – Taj Hotel, Oberoi-Trident Hotel and Colaba in Nariman Point. NSG commandos are spearheading the operations along with Mumbai Police and the naval commando,” he said.

“In Taj we are checking the entire hotel room-by-room and floor-by-floor. We are checking and clearing every corner to ensure that no terrorists are left. There were some dead bodies lying in the hotel and are taken out.”

“As we are going floor by floor, we have not come across any terrorist so far. All the people who were holed up in banquet halls, restaurants in Taj Hotel have been safely rescued last night and early morning.”

“There are some guests in the hotel rooms. We will check them and clear them so that they remain safe. So far, six bodies have been recovered from Taj.”

“The entire operation is to try and nab the terrorists holed up in these three places alive so that we can continue the investigations and unearth the entire conspiracy. Till now, five terrorists have been killed and nine suspected people have been arrested,”

When asked about the hostage situation at the Oberoi-Trident Hotel, Roy said: “We are now going aggressively at all these places. Wherever these terrorists are holed up, we would either catch them or kill them.”

“There is a possibility that some people are hold hostage there and that is why operation is conducted more sensitively. We are going little slow by taking care that no innocent guest is harmed.”

“The Mumbai Police Commissioner Hassan Gaffor is himself leading the operations and we are going to get them (terrorists). We are not negotiating them and no such offer has come.”