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Prayers in Leicester for Mumbai terror victims


Leicester : A series of memorial services and prayers were conducted in Leicester to protest the Mumbai terror strikes and mourn the dead, including those with relatives in this city.

Leicester East MP Keith Vaz, who attended the meeting at the Shree Hindu temple, said: “These truly terrible attacks are of great concern to local residents whose family and friends are living in, or visiting, the region. Our thoughts go out to the families of all of those caught in these horrific events.”

The ceremonies were held Friday and Saturday.

The service was attended by local businessman Jaffar Kapasi, whose wife’s cousin and and her husband were among those gunned down in a Mumbai hotel Wednesday.

“We just wanted to show our respects and come together with others. I do not see how human beings can do this to others,” Kapasi said.

A leader of the Gujarati Christian community, Marcus Solanki, said his family had feared for his wife’s nephew who works in Mumbai.

“He is okay, but we were very concerned as he works so close to where it has happened. I was in India just two weeks ago. I am still in shock about what has happened,” Solanki said.

A councillor from Melton, Pam Posnett, also spent two worrying days trying to know the whereabouts of her cousin, Mark Abell, who was in one of the ill-fated Mumbai hotels.

But she got a surprise when she clicked on her television on Friday and found Abnell talking to a reporter from his hotel room. He is safe and returning home.

Residents in many localities lit candles and signed in condolence books as a mark of respect to the terror victims.

Prayers were also held at the Leicester Exhibition Centre while two memorial meetings were organised by the Federation of Indian Muslims Organisations and the Indian Muslims’ Association of Leicester.