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Int’l cooperation can help curb brain drain: Kabkanian


Tokyo : Deputy minister of science, research and technology for research affairs said that brain drain is an international problem which requires an international solution.

Speaking to IRNA Thursday, Mansour Kabkanian, who was in Kyoto, Japan, to attend the international seminar on science and technology in society, added that Iran’s experience to prevent the exit of elites from their respective countries was interesting for the audience.

Officials from 91 countries took part at this year’s event, 30 of which were ministers while the rest were deputy minister and heads of important international research institutes, he said.

Most of the countries released statistics on the exit of elites, indicating that most of them leave for the US, Kabkanian said, maintaining that this is a kind of kidnapping.

The main topic of the seminar was how to turn brian drain to brain gain, he said, adding that event some EU member states complained that Americans attract their work force and then speak of promoting science and technology in the world.

Kabkanian also said that founding elites foundation and high council of science, research and technology are among Iran’s measures for paving the way for attracting Iranian elites.

These measures were interesting for delegates from the Asian and African developing countries, he noted.

Kabkanian said that he made proposals to do away with the phenomenon, the most important of which was to exchange students among the countries with common cultures.