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Indonesian police assures security after 5 terrorist suspects arrest

By Xinhua,

Jakarta : Indonesian police did not intensify security of the Indonesian capital city after the arrest of five suspected terrorists, with explosives and weapons finding in Jakarta this week, a senior police officer said here on Thursday.

“Nothing in Jakarta, but we intensify the international sport events of Asian Beach Games in Bali. For Jakarta, we conduct routine operational activities, yet we must remain vigilant,” the leading website Detikcom quoted the Indonesian police’s deputy head of public relation Sulistyo Ishak, as saying.

The police examined the possible association between the suspects and Malaysian extremist Azahari Husin, the region’s most wanted terror suspect.

Although Azahari was shot dead, the police felt that the lessons such as bomb making still influenced the suspects to attack any vital places through Indonesia, such as Bali and Jakarta.

However, Sulistyo said that within a week, the police was still focusing on how to gather more clues to discover various Islamic terror groups.

According to him, the suspect which rented a house for a base of any possible attacks plotted to bomb the city’s main fuel depot in Plumpang, North Jakarta.

“There are so many bombing targets, but we manage to paralyze them before the suspects’ attack,” he said.