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Family donates brain-dead man’s organs


Chennai : The family of a man who has been brain-dead after a road accident donated his vital organs, helping seven critically ill patients, hospital officials said here Saturday.

R. Radhakrishnan, 46, suffered a head injury in an accident a few days ago in Salem, 300 km southwest of here, and lapsed into a coma. His family agreed to donate his organs after the doctors declared him brain-dead Friday.

“The lives of seven critically ill patients will take a turn for the better by this selfless, generous deed of Radhakrishnan’s family,” said Madhu Shankar, a cardiologist whose 45-year-old female patient will receive Radhakrishnan’s heart.

“Normally, people cremate the bodies, destroying all organs that can help others live longer, healthy lives. Radhakrishnan may be no more, but his heart, kidneys, eyes etc will live for several years, which can be a matter of pride for the family,” Shankar said.

Though R. Revathy, the teenaged daughter of the victim, could hardly control her tears, one could discern a pride in her voice.

“The knowledge that my father’s organs would possibly survive in others’ bodies for several years has reduced my grief a bit.

“I appeal to all who ride two-wheelers to wear a helmet and drive carefully to avoid my father’s fate,” Revathy said.

The recipients of his organs are in various private hospitals in the city, the family said.

“We agreed to this (donation) because we have realised the trauma of losing a parent. We have refused monetary compensation because to us the fact that my father will ‘live’ for a longer period is priceless,” Revathy added.

This is the second instance of such organ donation in Tamil Nadu in a month.

Physician parents of a teenaged accident victim, Hitendran, also donated his vital organs – a deed praised by the government and people.