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No need for Muslims to fear in India, says Mahesh Bhatt

By Nakshab Khan, IANS,

Aligarh : As terrorism takes centre stage in Indian politics and is being debated on communal lines, filmmaker and social activist Mahesh Bhatt said there is no need for the Muslims to be fearful in the country.

Airing his angst on the growing threat of terrorism and communalism, he said, “Where there is fear, there is no Islam and where there is Islam, there is no fear. The Muslims can change the destiny of India and their community too.”

Bhatt was addressing students of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) at a seminar on “Threats of terrorism to secular democracy in India”, organised by voluntary organisation Millat Bedari Muhim Saturday here.

Commenting on the present situation of growing communal and regional feeling in the country and the alleged exploitation of the minority community, Bhatt said: “Everywhere there is darkness in the country. There is a need for light and you students are the hope of this nation to enlighten the people of your own community, that is the Muslims.”

He said there is a need to wage a war against communalism, regionalism and terrorism by all Indians across the country and it can be started from the AMU. Bhatt urged the youth not to lose hope in fighting the evil and asked them to fight within the legal framework.

He also termed politicians a confusing lot and blamed the police for their communal biases.

“Secularism is not a reality today while India is aspiring for it. The students of AMU can be a good starter for heralding true colours of secularism,” he said.