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US respects Pakistan’s democracy, sovereignty: White House


Washington : The White House on Friday said it respects Pakistan’s democracy and sovereignty and the presidents of the two countries agreed in their meeting this week on the need for continued anti-terrorism cooperation.

“President Zardari and President Bush both agreed that we need to continue cooperation, that we are friends, that we respect their sovereignty, we respect their democracy,” Press Secretary Dana Perino said.

“We also recognize that the common enemy is al Qaeda and the terrorists. And it is—it became very clear there when the President talked about Prime Minister Bhutto, the late Prime Minister Bhutto who was killed by terrorists, that President Zardari and the rest of his team understand what they’re up against,” she remarked at the daily briefing.

The spokeswoman said the U.S. is going to cooperate with Pakistan and “we’re going to make sure that we repel this threat.”