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Manmohan lays ‘minimum precondition’ for further talks with Pakistan


London : Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Thursday said Pakistan has to “convince” India that it is “absolutely sincere” in not allowing its territory to be used for terror acts against India as a “minimum precondition” for further bilateral talks.

Addressing a press conference on the sidelines of the G-20 summit here, Manmohan Singh also said that India had provided Pakistan with all the answers to its queries on the 26/11 terror attacks and the ball was now “in Pakistan’s court” on bringing the perpetrators to book.

“We expect Pakistan to do all that is required to bring the perpetrators (of the terror attack) to book. We have supplied all the answers (to 26/11). The ball is now in Pakistan’s court,” Singh said.

“It has to convince us that it is absolutely sincere.”

To a question whether India was willing to discuss Kashmir with Pakistan, he said: “We are willing to discuss all bilateral issues that have bedevilled our relationship. But talks cannot be held if hundreds of people, like in Mumbai, are being killed.”

“Pakistan has to ensure it is absolutely sincere that its territory won’t be used in acts of terror against India.”

“That is the minimum precondition for bilateral talks,” the prime minister stressed.