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Heat in India will be a challenge: Hamilton


New Delhi: British Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton feels the heat and humdity in India will pose a challenge for the drivers in the proposed 2011 Indian Grand Prix.

The 24-year-old, recounting his experience of driving in hot conditions, said they tend lose quite a few kilos.

“The driving gear adds on few kilos on you. I am 67-68 kgs now but after putting on my kit I weigh around 71-72 kgs. I lost a kg-and-a-half in Hungary and in Malaysia, where the conditions are hot, I lost 4 kgs,” the McLaren-Mercedes driver said Saturday at a promotional event for Vodafone.

“The heat in India will be a challenge for the racers. I am feeling as if I am in a furnace. But I hope the Grand Prix takes place here as people have a lot of interest in the sport. I had visited Mumbai last year and witnessed similiar enthusiasm among the people.”

Hamilton also spoke highly of the Indian FI team Force India. “Force India have taken some good decisions and they have a good foundation. Adrian (Sutil) is a good friend of mine and has done great in practice races. I hope he comes up good in Valencia because he definitely deserves better.”

Hamilton, who won the Hungarian GP last week, will next appear for the European Grand Prix in Valencia Aug 23