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Unique ‘feet’ of formerly paralysed man


Lucknow : It’s a unique ‘feet’, no doubt. A formerly paralysed man in a Uttar Pradesh village is set to enter the record books for being able to lift bricks with his toe and hurl them up to a distance of 24 feet.

Raveendra Kumar Singh, 45, a farmer in Bhadohi district’s Domarpur village, has become a centre of attraction in the region.

According to Singh his application to enter the Limca Book of Records has already been accepted by the officials.

“I have already sent a video CD of my acts to the Limca Book of Records, whose officials assured me that they would acknowledge my efforts,” Singh told IANS over phone.

“By using toe of one foot, I can lift bricks weighing up to five-seven kg and throw them to a distance of about 24 feet,” he added.

Singh was once paralysed and was not even able to stand on his feet.

“I suffered the paralytic attack in 2005 and remained completely bedridden for over a year. During that time, a doctor who was treating me recommended some physical exercise. I followed them religiously…To my surprise, I not only started to stand on my feet again, but also began to experience a unique strength in my toe. Thereafter, I decided to lift bricks with them,” Singh said.

Singh now organises weekly shows in and around his village, where he showcases his unique skills to entertain people.

Bhadohi is about 250 km from Lucknow.