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Teenager commits suicide after gang rape near Mumbai


Mumbai : A 15-year-old girl committed suicide after she was raped by four youngsters in Nalla Sopara of Thane district, the Maharashtra police said here Tuesday.

According to investigating officer Vishwajit Bulbule, the victim was lured by the four accused to go near a cinema theatre, Fun-Fair complex, on the occasion of the World Friendship Day Sunday.

“While the victim was a student of SSC (senior secondary school), the accused include one college student, two musicians and one air-conditioner mechanic. We have arrested them all,” Bulbule told IANS.

He said the girl was taken to an isolated spot near the cinema hall Saturday evening and was repeatedly raped there by the four youngsters. They left the scene of crime the next morning as the girl lay there injured, bleeding profusely and helpless, he said.

Somehow she managed to return home and took a nylon rope which she tied to the ceiling and hanged herself, Bulbule said.

Initially, police had registered a case of accident-cum-suicide, but they changed it to murder after investigations revealed that she was provoked into taking the extreme step.

The four accused, all living in the same neighbourhood, have been identified as Amol Laxmi, 22, Raman D’Souza, 21, Ravindra Chindwar, 20, and Rajkumar Yadav, 18.

Bulbule said the accused have been charged with kidnapping, assault, rape and abetting murder.