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Bank says it gave loan, man says no


Lucknow : A man has issued a legal notice to a private bank in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district after the bank claimed that his uncle, who migrated to Pakistan in 1947, has been given a loan. However, the nephew says his uncle never received the loan.

Firoz has alleged that the bank employees have forged documents to sanction a loan to his uncle Hamid, who is a Pakistani national.

“I have some agricultural land in Khurja, Bulandshahr. My uncle is a co-owner of that land. A few months ago, I applied for a loan in a private bank and some bank officials took my thumb impression on some papers. However, the loan was not sanctioned,” Firoz told IANS.

“On July 10, I once again went to the bank and was surprised to know that besides sanctioning the loan, two credit cards were also issued in my and my uncle’s names. The bank officials said a loan of Rs.49,500 has been released in my uncle’s name.

“The bank officials informed me that the cards and the cheque of the loan had been delivered at my residential address in June. I denied receiving any such cheque and the bank officials threatened legal action saying that I should start paying the monthly instalments,” Firoz said.

“After meeting the bank manager a number of times and getting no response in this regard, I have served a notice and will take the matter to court after the notice period expires.”

The bank officials could not be contacted for their comment.