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Vengeful suitor, friends throw acid on 28-year-old principal


Ghaziabad: A 28-year-old school principal in this Uttar Pradesh town was battling for life Tuesday after three men, including a rejected suitor, threw acid on her face when they met her in her office on the pretext of an admission inquiry, police here said.

Shaheen, principal of the privately-run Shanti Niketan Junior High School in Indirapuri Loni locality, sustained injuries on her head, face, abdomen and chest.

Police said Wali Mohammed, whom she had refused to marry, took the help of his two friends. The three went to meet her in her school at 11 a.m. on the pretext of inquiring about admissions and carried the acid in a tiffin box that they kept on the table.

At some point during the discussions, one of the men opened the tiffin box and threw the high density acid on her face and disappeared.

“Shaheen sustained burns on her head, face, chest and abdomen. She was rushed to the Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital in Delhi where doctors have declared her condition critical,” said a police official.

“Her former suitor took help from his two friends and threw acid on her face as revenge for her refusal to marry him,” the official added.

Shaheen’s anguished father said: “Earlier, the two families had thought of getting the two (Shaheen and Wali Mohammed) married. Shaheen was a brilliant and beautiful girl. The boy wanted to marry her but Shaheen refused to marry him.”

In his police complaint, he added that Wali Mohammed was angry with her for refusing to marry him.