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FBI files 26/11 case in US, questions Pakistanis


Mumbai : The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has filed a case in connection with the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, in which six American nationals were among those killed, and has also interrogated some Pakistani nationals, an FBI agent told a Mumbai Special Court here Thursday.

The FBI’s special agent said a case has been registered in Los Angeles for the terror attacks, as the agency registers a case whenever any US national is killed in any foreign country.

“I am the investigation officer in the case which was registered soon after the attacks,” he told Special Judge M.L. Tahilyani.

The FBI agent cannot be named, according to the special court’s order.

When cross-examined by state appointed defence lawyer S.G. Abbas Kazmi, representing Pakistani terror accused Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, the FBI agent declined to reveal the names of the Pakistanis who have been interrogated and said investigations were in still progress.

He also told Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam that the FBI had received a letter related to the 26/11 attacks from the 37th Additional Metropolitan Court of Mumbai Feb 19.

“We also received one satellite phone and five GPS equipment from India, which we immediately sent to our laboratory,” the agent said.

He explained that he had replied to the communication through the US Department of Justice and that all the documents were signed by him. He also added that his report was submitted to the Indian embassy through the Department of Justice.

The special agent informed the court that the FBI had investigated an email ID of one accused wanted in the US in this case, Kharak Singh, who wanted to open an account with Callphonex, a mobile service provider.

He, however, said he had not interrogated the Callphonex owner.

“The FBI has retrieved the email ID as that of Kharak Singh,” he said and added that investigation was on to find out the personal details of the man, who had made payment through Moneygram to the ICS following which a Callphonex was arranged in India.

More than 170 people were killed when 10 Pakistani terrorists attacked selected places, including two five-star hotels, in Mumbai Nov 26-29.